Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Pt 2

Though I was back in Ontario about 3 weeks ago now, a lot of stuff has gone on since then.

With that being said, I thought I should mention hanging out at Christy’s cottage a ton. It’s a pretty sweet place to generally just hang out and do nothing, it’s also one of the few places in the world that I can hang out without feeling like I have to do something. Courtney brought up “Settlers of Catan” as a gift for the cottage. That’s a pretty epic game. To be honest I think I could’ve played it the entire cottage time. I need to find some dudes who are up for an epic Catan night when I don’t have the money to go out or something on a weekend. Yeah I’m getting old and soft. No big whoop.

Also, while I was back home, a pretty intense event known as the League of Genius Fantasy draft took place. Being the 5th year of the draft it’s sort of become a big deal. On top of it being an excuse to get drunk, it’s garnered a bit of cache with a professional football scout and the official fantasy football guy for the score both being involved in it this year. Sick. It’s pretty awesome to beat either of those guys, I mean, they get paid to do it. Anyways it was a pretty awesome night once again. Lots of partying, boozing, stressing out about the draft picks, and watching people make bad picks. Honestly, it’s hard to explain how awesome a fantasy draft is to people who have no interest in the nfl, but yeah, it rules.

Also this last time back home I made sure to spend some time with my grandma learning how to cook a bunch of Lithuanian food. Granted, I will probably only be making this food for myself considering most people who try Lithuanian food get bummed out. Anyways, awesome.

The weekend after me and Christy got back from Ontario we took a road trip down to Seattle to go see Toronto FC take on the Seattle sounders. The border was a bummer, but once we go there it was pretty awesome. They play at quest field and the full lower bowl of 32,000 was full so it was a pretty rad experience. I hate to say it TFC die hards but it was louder than BMO field. Also, all the Sounders fans I met were really friendly and cool about the whole thing. Nothing bothers me more than north American soccer fans trying to create some contrived rivalry or “actin’ like propa’ geezahs” and acting like assholes. You see it a lot more on soccer forums and stuff than you do in real person.

Sorry if this entry is a little lame. I’ve been watching a pretty sweet documentary on heavy metal the entire time. Better post on Sunday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Alright. I’ve had enough. After years of having crappy cell phones and, for the last little while, no computer I’ve decided to get tricked out. By the start of the new year, I want to go from where I am right now, to one of those obnoxious dudes who twitters on his cell phone about how you punched him in the face for twittering while hanging out with you. Okay not that obnoxious but you get the idea.

Right now I have a cell phone that’s 7 years old. Sometimes when I pick it up it hangs up right as I answer the phone, other times when I’m writing a text if I press the ‘4’ key too hard it’ll just send my text mid-sentence. As for my computer I sold it a while back to get fishing gear. Honestly I don’t regret that one because fishing rules, and it was an old beast of a g5, I need something more mobile.

So here’s the scoop. I need recco’s. Right now I’m looking at probably getting a mac book. I’ve heard there’s rumors that the regular mac book might be getting upgraded, at least cosmetically, so I might hold off a month or two. I need something I can do a little bit of editing, photoshop and writing on, it doesn’t need to be a hog so I think I can get away with just a simple mac book. If I’m wrong in that assumption, let me know.

The second one is the phone. Right now I’m considering three options, an iphone, a blackberry and a cool android phone. Right now the iphone is enticing simply because I’m interested in some of the apps, however with android I’m thinking something backed up by google might get some real cool options available for it soon.

Anyone got any tips? I know, not my typical blog post, but any help is appreciated.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ontario vacation part 1 - Toronto

Everytime I’m sitting around on a Friday night in Vancouver with nothing to do, I reflect on my time spent in Toronto. Probably the time that I partied the hardest in my life. As a result I can find myself getting a bit nostalgic for the good ole days of partying all day and night. I guess it’s easy to selectively forget all those days afterwards of being super hung over both mentally and physically.

Going back over my vacation time I wanted to make sure I had a good amount of Toronto time. Of course a big part of this is the fact that a good chunk of my friends live in Toronto these days. As much as I’m stoked on all of the friends I’ve made out in B.C. there’s still something really awesome about old friends. I always find around those dudes laughing is a little bit easier, the drinks flow a little quicker and it’s all around just a little more lively.

Besides heading to a TFC game with Matt (which was basically an excuse to party) I spent most of the time either on a patio, at someone’s house drinking, or in a bar drinking. It worked out pretty much as I hoped for. The usual gang of thugs was always out, Matt, Dan, Mike, Harold, Ben as well as some surprises like Gordie, who was down from Montreal and was awesome to hang out with.

We went to a lot of the usual spots like sneaky dees and the tap, as well as just general hole in the wall type bars that we like to hang out. Once again the thing is, on paper none of this sounds exciting, that’s part of what’s so cool about Toronto: awesome things just sort of happen when you hang out with your best buds in a city that has people who like to party. Some of the awesome moments included an impromptu bubble hockey tournament, a serious pose off, a dance party, another dance party, and just general awesome times. Thanks again dudes for reminding me how awesome Toronto was.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I swear I haven't forgotten

I know I've been brutal lately. But expect a bunch of new posts sometime really soon. As much as I'm happy that other people read this thing, a big reason for it is to document all the stuff I'm up to, and lately there's been a bunch of cool stuff to talk about, unfortunately I've just been too busy with work to get to it. With that being said this weekend upcoming is labor day so I'm going to try and crush 2 or 3 posts.

Hope everyone had an awesome summer. Personally I'm kind of excited for fall.